12 August Thai Mother's Day. The day to remember.

My mom with Lebau this picture took after my dad die 3 months. (she still sad and start to sick(cancer) 9 months later she die.
As I'm Thai. Tomorrow is very important day. 
It is Mother's Day.
Since my mom passed away, each mother's day I feel so sad. 
and since I'm mother now, each mother's day I miss my mom more and more.
you know why?
that because I know how mother love they child.
as last year I also post about my mom and I said
I am.
the more I grow the more I get from her.
the more my daughter grow , the more she get from me.
I love and miss her so much.
if she still alive she will proud of me.
I'm sure.
and I want to be proud of my daughter too.
so my target in live now is grow up her for the best
good education
good health
good heart
so she will be good woman , good wife and good leader in future.
as a daughter and a mother 
wish all mother 
mother is a job, success or not see from how child be.
I Love You Mom.

PS. We're sharing our Quality Time.
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