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Home school?

I read post on MckMama blog and read comment about Home school,
still not understand about America's system (school) but I try to understand.
I saw MckMama teach /learn her kids using rice and flour to write.
It look strange(for Asian)  because in Thailand we will not let kids play with food specially rice.
and we will teach them to NOT do that (play rice).(different culture)

For my daughter, she went to nursery from when she was 8 months until 3 years and 2 months.
from last year she went to school. Next month she will be 4 years old.

Her school  Monday -Friday s 8.30-15.30
after school she  have special class by teacher  15.45-16.30 (pay extra for my convenience) .
after special class she will turn back home (usually go to my factory) and from then she can do what she want.
Usually she like to paining/drawing/writing .
She very good with drawing. while I cook she will play with her toys.
After dinner time for her to study language, she will choose which language she want to learn  between English and Japanese.
She have very good developing language skills too.

On weekend I will have full time for her and my husband try to have more time with her too,
so she can learn from us more. I like to do gardening and she like too. my husband learn her to modify or repair some of her toys.  She did very well also.

I often told friends, My daughter is future Miss Thailand Universe.

I research about home school  for understand more now.

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Mommy! Why I have to study?

"Mommy!  Why I have to study?"
this question come to me after Lebua back from school today.
"Why you will not study?"
 that I have question back to her.
"Mommy have big money" her answer.
Well, time to explain. What the best to make her understand how important of "STUDY"
Maybe best to show her  how important of study / education.
I take her to walk with me in factory. (school bus  bring her to my work place(factory) after her school everyday instead home).
We start walk from canteen, we met maid,  then store room she(lebua) said hello to staffs , we continued to walk , packing room, washing room, Q.C.room, Technician(Danish)  room, engineer office, production line, then admins and account office  and  turn back to my office.
Every office( room) she passed she  said hello them (staffs).

I ask her which room she like most in factory?  (I hope she will not said "canteen")
she said" Mommy office".
I smile and said her.
"Do you know why mommy  sit alone in big nice private office?"
" That because mommy Study"
" If mommy not study or study to few , mommy will work in canteen"
"Did you see engineer who work with machine?"
" If they cloths dirty?"
She look at me and smile then said
 " I want to be Princess"
I have big smile almost laughing.
she so innocent!
I think someday she will understand why she have to study.

What do you think?

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Step Father!

Step Father!  seem this words not normal in Thailand.


This is great things that I did re-married with him.

Lebua have father.


we are FAMILY.


How happy is Lebua.


Me too.

Thank you 

my Great husband.


Great Step Father.

picnic at park.

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What you want to do today?

I didn't post on blog for a while,  
On December my job quite very busy,
then after new years it continued busy, it good sign that mean economic better
no job no money! 
today after dinner I asked myself
 "What I will do today?"
I should helping my husband on his business?
 I should go on my eBay!
 I should post on blog!
spend my time with my hobbies (collection stamps, banknote and more)
seem I have so many or!!!
Where is Le'Bua?
She learning English with her Disney's Magic English.
What is Disney Magic English?
Disney Magic English is a fun way for children to learn the English language along with all their favourite Disney characters!
 The interactive DVD and activities books bring educational adventures to life with stories, songs, and games from classic Disney film favourites! 
Disney’s Magic English make learning becomes fun and enjoyable - just like playing a game! 
Each part of the program has been developed in close collaboration with highly qualified education specialists in the English Language.
 here is a link to my hobbies blog 

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Friday Follow New Friends 2011 # 1


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