Shop for Christmas.

Yesterday I went out from work early to shop for Lebau (my daughter) and also for my sweet husband. I have no idea which is best for him but finally I bought him new jean, :-) He look good when wear jean so. Christmas gift for him is"Jean".
For Lebau, I will post later after she open her gift. I can't imagine her face when she see gift. I'm sure she will love it. I spend quite big money for present  but  I have 30% discount coupon from department store. I will order some cosmetic for myself.

PS. We're sharing our Quality Time.


Jill said...

what did you get your daughter? oh I just LOVE shopping for my family for Christmas :) I have more fun watching their faces than receiving gifts myself!

Nan said...

Hi Jill,
I give her a huge collection of "Tinker-bell"and some more from Disney collection.

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