What Happen to this Family?

Good Morning Monday!
I had an accident again on last Friday, My Baby and I went to supermarket on Friday evening we back home around 9.45pm that time gate was close by soldier (our house in same area of Major General in Army officer ) the gate very heavy and not easy to open and close by myself I try to open it work I come into house area but while I trying to close it , I push with all power I have it not work I try another time , this time gate fall down hit my face my shoulder I still lucky have tree that make gate stop I can go out with painful, it that time Lebau (my baby) shouting to soldier asking help unfortunately it far no one hear her even my husband didn't hear us, after I can go out from gate I drive back home ,I tell my husband what happen with painful, I took medicine that leave from last accident without go to hospital , medicine very strong make me sleep until morning without painful. but when I woke up my body very painful, I didn't notice my eye got bruised ,also my shoulder, my husband didn't want to tell me about my eye, he took mirror and I look at it with sadness.
I will have BDM (Board Director Meeting) on Tuesday and I will be shy in BDM.
My husband said I still look good. (that he just make me happy)  we go to our baby school on Saturday morning because school had parents meeting for kindergarten. all parents look at us, my husband still using walk stick from last accident and myself have eye bruised, maybe they wonder What happen to this Family?. I start to painful while siting at school.
after finished from my baby school we decided to go to hospital, I met doctor and he recognize me from last 6 weeks that I got accident, I must x-ray all body to see if any bone have problem or not , lucky my bone OK not broken, only a little problem my neck bone have blood , doctor give me medicine and I have splint on my neck for two week. I hope I will get lucky after this time, no more unlucky.

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